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TV nerds like us already know that this will be the last season for a number of groundbreaking shows. Well, now there is one more show to add to the list. 2019-2020 will be Fresh of the Boat's last season.

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What caught my eye about Searching was its primarily Asian cast. However, this movie had nothing to do with Asian culture at all. Instead, it was a very well made suspense thriller about an everyday father's search for his missing daughter in today's digital world.

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Posted 12-04-2021

As a child, Wishma Rathnayake was fascinated with "Oshin," a popular 1980s' television drama about a young girl who rises from poverty to head a Japanese supermarket chain.

Posted 12-03-2021

Here is a look at the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season.

Posted 12-02-2021

• She was sold to a stranger so her family could eat as Afghanistan crumbles

Posted 12-02-2021

India has formally repealed three contentious farm laws that sparked more than a year of protests, nearly two weeks after Prime Minister Narendra Modi was pushed into a rare policy reversal that saw the legislation withdrawn.

Posted 12-01-2021

The superapp’s listing has larger implications for many potential unicorns looking to similarly list in New York, says investment research firm CrossASEAN founder Angus Mackinstosh.

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